wk15- Artist Conversation- Amy Duran


Exhibition Information

Artist: Amy Duran

Gallery: Gatov East and West

Exhibit: Love Houses

Media: Ceramics

Instagram: Amy Duran

Amy Duran is transfer student from Cypress College and is currently an undergraduate at California State University, Long Beach. Amy plans to graduate next semester and is working towards her BFA in ceramics. She hopes in intern with PIXAR creating motion puppets because she loves those styles of films and illustrations such as the Nightmare Before Christmas. Amy has always been interested in ceramics and sculpture but also enjoys painting, watching movies and cake decorating. Taking notes from her experience as a cake decorator, Duran uses the flower designs like on her vases.

Amy stated that she was not the creator of the vases, but another artist named, Luis Casas. Each vase was unique in size, shape and color- ranging in the earth tones. The vases were beautiful on their own. The flowers and piping was just the right touch to bring them to life even more.

She decorated them with the piping style of flowers that would usually be seen on cakes.In order to create these flowers Amy explained that she added water and blended it with the clay until it was the consistency of cake frosting.

Duran also created a set of characters that allowed the audience to create their own story. Although she generally creates her sculpture by hand, she decided to make these of the wheel. In this set of characters and story figures, she created an apple tree with a picture of a wolf on a wanted sign, an apple tree with a suited wolf behind it, a girl with apples, and a hunter that was sleeping with an ax and shotgun.

When I first stepped into the gallery, I went around and Amy’s pieces were at the end of the loop. I kept going in and out- but always stopping to look at her pieces. I thought that they were really professional looking and have a very feminine details to them against the masculine color of the pot. After hearing that she is a cake decorator it all made sense. I could see the touches added that were reminiscent of cake icing- which I loved for being unique. I enjoyed seeing her other pieces as well. I think that she will have a future in character development and making.



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