Wk15 – Art Activity – Finger Painting

FAVORITE ACTIVITY! Took my friday night off from my usual ice skating routine to stay at home and finger paint. My fiancé left me to go still, so sitting at home alone was actually quite relaxing (no offense to him)… put some tea in the pot and lit a candle and finger painted away.

I started with the pink and soon realized that I was painting in the shape of a heart. I don’t know if it was the color or what. Then I laid the blue on top. The paint started to deteriorate so it kind of splattered everywhere when I opened it- which I was completely okay with. I loved the effect it made. I got paired with white paint so I decided to lay that on top which only made everything opaque.

I loved the other two colors together and how they moved into one another to create a shade of violet. The only thing I wish were different….I WISH I HAD MORE PAINT! Other than that, it was great and fun to take me back to my childhood as a young Picasso.


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