I personally really loved this course. It really opened my eyes to new art, artists and ways to speak and ask questions about artist’s work. I felt like I learned a lot and really value this course in my education.

Personally my top three favorite activities are the plaster casting, finger painting and sketching in the garden. I really enjoyed the plaster because it got us the students to do something that we probably never would have done if it were not for this class. It was good being outside and fun to have to bring someone to tag along and take action shots. Finger painting was fun activity to close the course with. When else would we have picked up finger painting again? I think that this activity gets us to look at art in a new way and lets us be free without judgement. Lastly, sketching in the garden was in the top 3. I think that most students didn’t even realize it was there like myself. I love sketching and it was a relaxing place to do it. There was plenty to look at and sketch in the book and your directions on what/how to sketch were helpful in trying new things.

My least favorite were the automatic drawing, the instagram day, and the zines and flip books. I felt like the automatic drawing was weird and awkward. It also felt like I was playing a ouija board. Like you knew someone else besides you was moving it- and if it wasn’t moving, then you felt inclined to get the ball rolling. The instagram day as you noted was a little dull. I didn’t enjoy having to make a separate instagram account just for the class. I felt other classmates were posting pictures just to complete the assignment. The zines and flip books were just an okay assignment. It was fun- I just felt it didn’t add any value for me.

I think that the hybrid class is awesome though! I think it allowed me to say things online that I wouldn’t normally say or do in class. Having people make a website is genius and I’m sure that many people learned a lot from doing so, as did I. I think that it will be a useful tool to keep and use in my favor for future endeavors.

I love the classmate interaction and love that I could say Hi to so many people every week. What I loved even more is the artists conversations. It really helped me personally learned to articulate what I wanted to know and ask in a professional manner to student artists. It helped with my writing as well because you not only are writing for you, but you are also writing about a fellow artist and want to do them proud. I honestly never knew that the galleries were there until this semester and never would’ve taken the time to talk to the artists.

When it comes to your weekly blog posts, I think that they were really useful and looked forward to the following week to see what fellow students did with the activities and what not. I think that the discussion section was just alright.. I think that it might be more useful to watch the videos online and then do a face to face discussion- or have the classmate conversations be about the videos.

I hope that you value my feedback as I value you as an instructor! It was great taking your course and thank you for teaching me so much about the virtual world!


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