wk14- Classmate Conversation- Yonathan Sahle

This week I was able to meet a cool guy, Yonathan Sahle. He is a 5th year mechanical engineering at CSULB and will be graduating in May. I was super excited for him. He plans to work after graduating as he has a couple interviews lined up. We talked about the question of the week for a little- What will college be like for students in 2036? Yonathan thought that colleges wouldn’t be eliminated completely because we still need that interaction and they need the funding from students and campus life. Although we are halfway to a virtual and online college learning experience- he does not believe that campuses will be shut down. I agreed to a certain extent. I think that my imagination got away with me and thought that we would be taking classes with a holographic professor haha- technology these days is crazy!! It was interesting to think about and fun to hear what people thought…also fun to see what people drew on their ID cards.


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