Wk14- Activity- Instagram

This was a fun activity- and it definitely gave me something to do/look at throughout the day when I was bored.

When scrolling through the hashtag, I found that everyone had mostly posted something along the same line. They were either eating/drinking something, studying for finals, or they were somewhere on campus and snapped a photo of that. When digging deeper into it and going to people’s profiles I saw that mostly every made a separate//new account from their personal account. I thought that was funny because mostly everyone has the strict “one post a day rule”. For myself I made a separate account as well because I have a strict one post a week rule on my personal account. I also have a separate art account but only use that for pieces in the making or finished products. As for my posts…I think that I was the only one who didn’t post their food or beverage throughout the day haha. All in all I’m sure that many people will delete their accounts after this activity- as will I but I still found it interesting how many people posted on the same subjects.


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