Thanksgiving Break=Wedding Week!!

So this break was no break for me. I used all my free time to do arts and crafts in preparation for my upcoming wedding.

Let’s just say my mom and I are addicted to Pinterest! We use it in hopes of finding tips and tricks to save money on wedding decor. This week we went HARD!

We spray painted plastic buckets that were neon green on sale for $1.99 in copper and silver colors. They look amazing and are an affordable option to put dancing sandals and blankets in for the reception.

We decided to make our invitations as well! I designed our save the dates and put them together with my mom. It was only right that I did the invitations as well. 

We bought cake doilies from Hobby Lobby that were white and spray painted them silver. Wrapping them around our Bloch colored invites and tying them with blue ribbon- brought our color scheme together with a touch of rustic elegance!

My fiancé is making our “guest books”. I’m thankful he is able to do this sort of thing. Guests will sign with a pen and we will seal it and hang it on our walls for decorations 🙂

Don’t worry- much more to come!


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