Wk 12-(missed) classmate conversation- My Family

Unfortunately, I was unable to make it to class because of circumstance, but… I thought to make up I would ask my family the question of the week and see what they thought.

My dad is an artistic guy like me and he said that anything could be art. He believes it is how you view that world that determines how you choose what is art and not. He believes that if someone says that there is a message behind something then that is art.

Then… my fiancé Cheyne chimed in and stated that not everything can be art. He thinks that it is only “art”if it is presented formally and in a gallery. He said that if anything could be considered art then everyone would be an artist and make money off of trash on the street if they wanted to. Cheyne believes that it would cut of real talent and creativity.

My mom was next. She actually didn’t really have an opinion… She just thought if someone wanted something to be art then it could be. She mentioned that some times she takes pictures of flowers and birds because they are so pretty that they could be a work of art.

I thought that hearing everything they said was really interesting because we have never had a discussion like this as a family. It really made me realize what different personality traits and different forms of thinking I have taken on from being around them and/or growing with them. My dog Weezy on the other hand had nothing interesting to say- he just wanted me to scratch his bum 🙂



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