Wk 11- classmate conversation 

This week I had the pleasure of talking with Daniel Schmitz. He’s a pretty cool guy in his 5th year at CSULB and is a biology major. He works part-time at the school tutoring fellow students (mostly freshman). This week we discussed fan art regarding the distaste of Demi Lavato and the artist who sketched her beautifully- but she thought unrealistically… commenting on her breasts. Daniel and I agreed that it was a lovely sketch and that it was funny that she was upset by it. We found it funny that she was upset that she was portrayed in a better version when compared to the edited version someone did. However unrealistic it was or was not, I feel Demi should’ve been appreciative that someone admired her enough to create something for her. I’ve seen some pretty great fan art and it is something to be appreciated… it is an awesome way for people to express themselves at a distance and admire those in the spotlight. 


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