Wk 10 – Art Experiences – Social Network

I thought that this was a very interesting activity and really put my life and the people I have in it into perspective. First off, the experience in the office was one to remember. Everyone was fighting for a spot. You had to look/search for who you knew. Then you had to tie multiple strings to your photo and sometimes go through other people to tie the end to someone you knew. I thought that this resembled a social network in cyber space. Everyone joining a program at the same time, finding and searching through the network for people you know and sometimes going through other people’s profiles along the way.


I created a small sample of my close friends and family. The pink were people that I knew before my fiancé Cheyne and I started dating and blue were the relationships form through those relationships and after we started dating. It is a little crazy looking and I can’t imagine what it would look like if I added more people. I don’t have social media because I feel that it is very fake and doesn’t show true friendships. (I don’t believe that someone with 1,000 friends and Facebook is ACTUALLY friends with all those people) I can have true friendships with only a few close people that I actually know and understand on a deep level. For others, I feel that they are just acquaintances. I do believe however that social media has many marketing benefits. I think that it is great the ways that we are able to reach people and advertise, but I also think that negative things can occur as well. People think that they can post whatever they want and it won’t affect them but you hear stories everyday of people getting in trouble through their work for things that they post and some losing their jobs completely. All in all, social media is for some people and not for others. If having 3,000 friends makes you feel good about yourself that’s great. For me, the few close friendships that I do have, I cherish a value so much.




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