Wk9- Artist Conversation- Dalia Banuelos & Daniel Bonilla- Vera



Artist: Dalia Banuelos & Daniel Bonilla- Vera

Exhibition: Infraction

Media: Photographs//yarn

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Merlino Gallery

Instagram: Dalia BanuelosDaniel Bonilla-Vera

Website: Daniel Bonilla-Vera

Dalia Banuelos and Daniel Bonilla-Vera are seniors at CSULB in the photography program in the School of Art. Dalia was reject for her second time from the BFA program and felt heartbroken and is unable to apply again. She asked fellow classmates who have also been rejected from the program to create an exhibition in response. She recruited Daniel Bonilla-Vera and Infraction was born from their persistent love of photography.


Upon entering the gallery, you are overwhelmed with pieces to look at. On the right are photos taken by Dalia. They are black and white photos that resembled a rorschach test each having a splatter effect.


On the left are photos by Daniel. They are photos with high contrast of light and dark to show texture. One photo is out of it’s fame, hanging slightly on the left top corner.


In the middle of the room are photographs done by both artists. On the floor are clothed figures. One is kneeling in the middle, while the other one is curled up and facing the corner. A single strand of yarn is used starting on the right side , webbed heavily in the middle, and end on the left side in a trash can where other photos are “trashed”.

Banuelos explains that the show is the outcome of two years of refining to find out what would have the most impact on the audience. She explains how each of her photos are those photos that are “rejects” of what would be a final “accepted” photo, or those that led up to a final outcome. Bonilla-Vera tells us how the photos are not framed properly in protest to institutional standards. He explains how the yarn can represent many things. Most importantly it is made of a single, fragile strand that if damaged or cut in one place would cause the whole web to fall apart. The figures in the room are representations of themselves and are actually wearing pieces of their everyday wardrobe.

This exhibition is one that is relatable to everyone. Who hasn’t felt the pain of rejection? Upon entering the showroom I was able to feel the frustration and chaos that they were wanting the audience to feel. I walked in and out several time before I actually was able to gather everything in there. Frustration in the face of rejection is a natural feeling and I’ve felt the same in many situations. You have all these unanswered questions on why and how, accompanied with self-doubt. When speaking with them I felt that they both were really proud of their exhibition, which is ironic because it is based off of their rejection into the BFA program. I believe they should feel proud of their work and I know the two have a bright future.


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