Wk8- Classmate Conversation- Ana Maya

This week I had the pleasure of sitting and talking with Ana Maya. She is a super cool woman in her 2nd year at Long Beach State, majoring in Anthropology. We discussed the question “would you be supportive of your children pursuing art as a career? Why or why not?”

Ana was pro-art! Which I love because I am an art major 🙂 We both agreed that you should allow your children to pursue whatever they enjoy the most. A lot of parents today want their children to be in careers that they believe would set them up to be financially successful in life- not being mindful of what the child would want. She explained how her friend is a graphic design major at a different school and currently works designing various ads for her school- which I thought was very cool and gave me hope for my early career as a graphic design artist. I explained to her how difficult it was for me previously being a psychology  major and how my parents did not want me to pursue an education in art. I switched my major after failing miserably in psychology and not being happy and now…I’ve never been more successful and happy!

It was great having another classmate conversation and I really enjoyed meeting and talking with Ana in the garden.


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