Wk5 – Art Experience – Graffiti Writing


Let me just start out with this statement- graffiti writing is not my calling in life! Although I did enjoy it, I definitely do not think you’ll be seeing my tag anywhere on the side of the freeway overpasses.

Going into this activity I thought that it would be fun and easy because I am somewhat artistic. Right at the beginning I was humbled. I did watch the videos and still couldn’t figure out a good way to approach this. I figured it would’ve been easier had I been able to go to Venice and have a bigger space to work with, but… sadly I had to work all weekend.

I was able to get this board from my work and sketched out my full name (Allison) on a piece of paper and went to execute this on the board. After writing the A and L, I realized that I would definitely have to cut it down to Allie.



I tried the different tips and thought that the skinniest ones worked the best! I got frustrated with the wind making everything blow off the side. Then a bee started chasing me around the backyard and I had to run inside and take a break for a little. During that break my fiancé Cheyne picked up the cans and added some artistic touches.


All in all, it was a good experience and glad I was introduced to it. Next time though I will make time to go to Venice.


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