Wk4- Artist Conversation- May Ta

img_0397Exhibition Information:

Artist: May Ta

Exhibition: Closer – The  Windows

Media: Digital Media, Ink Jet Printer

Location: CSULB School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Instagram: May Ta


May Ta is an undergraduate at California State University, Long Beach. She is in the BFA Illustration program after changing major to pursue a career in art. She believes that she can better contribute to the world and that art is her way to tell her story. May Ta said that she has always loved art and felt it was the right decision to change her major after feeling like an outcast amongst her fellow science-loving peers. Being an international student from Vietnam, she felt it was important to showcase who she is and find her way through a new world.

In one out of the many pieces in the exhibit, The Windows stood out to me the most and happened to be Ta’s favorite piece as well. Each plays with a different intimate moment alone and with another. The use of shadow and perspective give each window a realistic sense of looking inward at something. Although each is digitally created, they all have a soft look to them- almost as if they were painted with water color.

May explained how she and her exhibition partner, Carly Lake wanted it to be something that everyone can relate to. Loneliness is a major concept with which they wanted to explore through the various pieces they created. She told us that there are challenges and rewards in loneliness and intimacy. They wanted to further this by creating the space for one to explore if human relation is something to be desired or something of indifference. The Windows give the audience a peak into individual instances of the question.

This piece was my favorite out of the show because I felt the play of space and perspective was executed perfectly. It really gave me a sense of looking inward. I was also fascinated that she was able to create this illustration digitally- with me being interested in graphic design, I was unaware of all that is able to be accomplished with these programs. I think it is amazing the soft textures that she was able to achieve using this media technique and wanted to learn more. I also felt most connected to the imagery and to the concept of the exhibition. Although it may seem strange, I was able to remember a time and feeling in my life for each window. It is great when an artist is able to connect with their audiences on such a deep level and when the audience is able to relate their feelings with those of the artist.



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