Wk4- Art Activity- Automatic Drawing

This activity was so hard to take seriously! My fiancé and I tried really hard to do our best with this and not laugh at each other. It felt awkward to do and to get it started we decided it was best to turn off the TV and close the windows so we wouldn’t hear our neighbors watching football. We started out with the green pastel and I felt him start to pull towards him and then go around in a counter- clockwise rotation. It seemed to move freely after getting over the laughing.

He then said that he wanted to try again with another color. With the yellow it felt so strange because we began to draw in a clockwise rotation. We could feel in some parts we felt the urge to press harder and in others almost pick up the pastel and go lighter. This was a great experience and really connected us and let us know how relaxed and in tune with ourselves we really are (or are not).




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