Wk3 – Artist Conversation -Andrew Hansen

Exhibition Information:

Artist: Andrew Hansen

Exhibition: Why Not?

Media: Oil paint on Canvas

Website: N/A

Instagram: Andrew Hansen


Andrew Hansen is an undergraduate at California State University, Long beach. He is in the Drawing and Painting program in the School of Art and aspires to become an Art professor by continuing his education and obtaining his Master’s degree. He has hands-on experience with art, designing and applying tattoos in his hometown of San Diego, California. Andrew is a figurative artist with much of his previous work being done with charcoal and has recently enjoyed exploring the art of sculpture.

In this piece, “Bar Scene 1”, Hansen plays with warm and cool hues as well as different values to achieve shadows and highlights throughout the oil painting. The use of cooler tones in the foreground and warmer tones in the background enhances the perspective of the audience which enables them to become the first person viewer in the piece. Andrew was able to achieve texture in the painting by color-blocking the highlights and shadows of the scene while still keeping the paint surface smooth. By placing the one and only woman in the middle and giving her the most contrast of shadows and highlights, Andrew has shown us where he wants to draw our attention. Although you are unable to make out distinct characteristics, the use of color to shape the forms adds nicely to the painting’s  abstract look.

Hansen explained that in this painting he was the bouncer at the bar that he worked at, and wanted people to experience his point of view while on the clock. He achieved this in four months by completing 72 different perspectives using photos and moving them about on the surface of the canvas. Andrew stated that the people in the painting are all close friends and family members, with the woman in the center being his wife- where he got his motivation from while working on the piece. In this piece he wanted to play with the lighting in the bar scene. Andrew explained how the use of color tints and shades give the audience his perspective of the mood that he encounters on a nightly basis at the bar. Artwork to look forward to from Andrew focuses on environmentalism. Andrew hopes to accomplish this by collecting trash and forming it into a sculpture piece. He explained how his work has progressed to become more than a hobby and into something that he loves.  Art has allowed him to find ways to connect to the audience.

I felt most connected to this piece in the gallery that day. The colors drew my attention and I saw that it had more action in the painting than the others did. I love his use of light and dark to form the figures, and appreciated the story behind the painting and the characters. I had previously worked in a bar and currently work in a sports restaurant, where I constantly card people in this same type of setting. I also oil paint and have been trying to explore the same artistic concepts that he has.  I thoroughly enjoyed picking his brain and learning his process and techniques. I am very intrigued to see his prospective environmental sculpture and other themes he exhibits in his works.


Esmeray Lopez (left), Andrew Hansen (middle), Allison Cruz (right)


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