Wk2 – Art Experience – Landscape with a Corpse

This was a very interesting art activity. I found it very hard to plan my demise- not only difficult to plan, but to think about as well. It took me a couple of days to think of something to photograph and I wanted it to be somewhat believable to my life. I took a day at home to do homework, clean house and doing a ton of laundry when it hit me- chores and laundry will be the death of me! This moment it what I based this project off of. I hate doing laundry- I’ve made the decision to continue to wear clothes daily so, inevitably it never ends!! In the photo- I have somehow managed to trip, fall and hit my head from the fatigue of my daily household, wifely duties.




I must have taken a dozen photos trying to get something good to work with. I do believe however, that it was difficult for me to think of ideas because one does not usually think of personal death or want to. Art is a great way to get people thinking of things that they usually don’t/want to think about. It pushes personal boundaries and makes you uncomfortable- that is what is so great about this project. This reminds me of the street artist, Banksy, who takes issues and bring them to the public except he does so in a satirical manner. His art still makes people think just like the photos of Izima Kaoru.


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