Wk1- Art Experience – plaster casting 

I had so much fun with this activity! My amazing fiancé, Cheyne- who just so happens to be my helpful assistant, found this fun as well. We thought that we could come back again one day when we babysit out friends’ kids and do it with them! When we arrived at the beach, we picked a spot to dig, put my foot in it and filled it up and around with really wet sand. While I was packing it in, my assistant/fiancé mixed the plaster. After pouring it in the mold… We realized the tide was changing and the water was quickly approaching the mold!!! We built a sand wall around it and a moat of sorts, which completely saved it- while taking in the weird stares from the sunbathers and lifeguard as we panicked. So my recommendation is to keep tide changes in mind haha. I carefully dug it up and we were thoroughly surprised/happy with the outcome and details we were able to achieve! Totally going to give it a go again some day.

I thought this to be super interesting technique of casting sculptures. I was quite unsure of how it would turn out the first try- as I’m sure many artist have felt when revealing their first attempt at a new cast. Although it was a primitive technique still used today, what you are able to achieve from it us amazing. I believe that a second attempt will be more thought out and bring out more details in what I would be casting.


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